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I used to work with a narcissist — here is my advice on dealing with Donald Trump

As a writer and journalist, I’ve been lucky enough to have a long, varied and exciting (and sometimes too exciting) career. A few years ago, I worked with a genuine, bona fide narcissist. The kind of man who once bragged about his diagnosis while dismissing the “asshole shrink” who made it. Without going into too […]

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“Your echo chamber is a trap” — Peter Pomerantsev on Trump and the media

A lot of people lack the institutional and personal experience to respond properly to the Trump phenomenon. Author Peter Pomerantsev is not one of those people — for many reasons, not the least of which is his extensive experience in covering modern-day Russia. Anti-Nihilist Institute co-founder Natalia Antonova caught up with Peter this week to discuss Trump, Russian hackers, […]

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Wilbur Ross, Trump and Russia: Dirty money in the White House

In the ongoing scare about undue Russian influence in our election, how did we overlook billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s overt financial ties with the Russian oligarchy? Though his 2014 buyout of the Bank of Cyprus, a tax haven for Russian billionaires, has been documented in the press, it hasn’t made headlines until now. Spy games may […]

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